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Do you have a  great attitude?
Have you ever thought it might be cool to work at a bar?
Do you wanna make a pile of money?  

If you answered yes to those questions....... and you don't mind a little hard work, you might be a fit for our team! 

 click the "Jobs" tab to apply online 


What is The Unofficial?


We call it a dive bar. 


Some people dont like dive bars .....And those people suck!


What is a "dive" bar?


Good question.  That meaning can vary depending on who you ask. To us though a dive bar is; 


A collection of local customs, personalities and traditions. A place that wears its history proudly and being local isn’t a trend. Where you’re greeted with worn bar stools and warm smiles. For as long as folks have gathered to enjoy a drink they have existed. And though the names have changed throughout the ages, Public House, Tavern, Inn, Pub, Saloon. The function remains the same.................The "unofficial" neighborhood center.


So get dressed down and hit up that friend you’ve been meaning to call. Check your stress at the door, and lets get down to some Unofficial business. After all, t's just a dive bar. So, don't overthink it.


Do you like your beer in cans or bottles? Come on in and ill give you a koozie for free! Bring it with you when you come back and youll get $1 all your cans or bottles. All I ask is that you take that koozie with you everywhere you go snappin' sweet selfies and post them to our social media. Do it enough and you might just win some stuff! 

Dive bars know beer. And not just that swill you used to swipe from gramps after he passed out on the couch. Dont get me wrong...... We've got that stuff, you know, for when you wanna get back to your roots. But we also carry some damn fine fancy stuff too! For when youre know......fancy! if that's your thing. But we pride ourselves in also stocking some sweet crafts. See what's on tap right now.

Our culture is at the root of what we do. Aint none of us perfect, but we do our best to remain true to our roots. And surround ourselves with folks who feel the same. Success depends on the team we have in place and keeping focused on our dive values. Things like honesty, integrity, loyalty, hard work and the satisfaction that comes from a job well done. If you're into that stuff too, come have a chat. We might have a spot for ya!

We thrive in strong communities. We understand that we cant exist without the support of ours. So we support it whenever we can. If you got a cause that could use some help,  Schools, Churches, Athletics, Charity or Neighborhood Organizations, Neighbors in Need..... Give us a shout! we may be able to help. 

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