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Check out our regularly scheduled programming, our upcoming featured events, or follow us on Facebook to keep posted of what's going on. Unless you really like visiting our website, in which case we're not going to stop you.
Music Mayhem


Gather your squad and get down here for fast paced, music trivia. Its kinda like......hangman, meets Wheel of Fortune. With a timer like Jeapordy! The toughest part is refraining from blurting out the answers to the 80's power ballads! 

Kick ass! I'll be' when is it again?Tuesdays, 7-9pm

Industry Night

Calling out to our cohorts in crime! We know there ain't no party like a service-industry party, and on Mondays we want to serve you. Come join your brothers and sisters in service for special deals and to swap stories. We know you've got 'em! Indeed Beer special- $2 dollar off select Indeed Beers from 6-Close!!! And more cool things to come!!

I need this in my life, when is it?

Seriously? Ok, we'll throw you a bone. 6pm-midnight. But if you need more information you're going to have to ask a friend.

Team Trivia


Hosted by the only live team trivia team that sits with the cool kids at lunch! Get a Clu. Come hang out, and you can be cool too! Check it out here.



That's usually the day I give my dog a bath.... but maybe ill check it out.

Thursdays, 7-9pm


Meat Raffle and Bar Bingo


Yup, tear open your tiny pieces of paper. And if the fates smile upon you..... even you could have the pleasure of selecting your winning meat product from the icy bin! Then, stick around afterward and we can smash colored ink pads into paper to try to win money........proceeds benefit local youth activities and athletics.

Oh snap! Let me get my lucky button down shirt!! Whens the party? 

I'm only telling you once! I dont need you creepin' all my huunys........ Meat raffle is on Wednesday starting at 5:30. Bingo follows at 6:30 

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